We hold artist talks in conjunction with exhibition openings,
as well as talks with professionals from diverse fields and various other events.





















OTOILO sound x art program vol.1: An Exploration of Sound and Art

A collaboration between Lena SAITO (musician) and Kunihiko YAZAWA (artist)


On December 4, we held the first installment of OTOILO sound x art program - an experiential sound and art program created in collaboration with the musician, Lena.

Fusing Kunihiko Yazawa’s art with the sounds created by Lena seemed to morph the gallery into another dimension, eliciting wonderfully elaborate story-like comments on the art from the participants. The human imagination is truly much more powerful and brimming with diversity than we realize. It was an intense, mind-blowing two hours created through the cross pollination of sound and art.

We plan to hold further OTOILO sessions in the future - watch this space!


音楽家のLenaさんとのコラボレーションによって生まれた音とアートを楽しむプログラム、OTOILO sound x art program を開催しました。


December 4, 2019 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'ひふみ - hifumi' Exhibition Special Event

'ひふみ - hi fu mi' Opening Reception Artist Talk

Speaker : Kunihiko YAZAWA 


September 2, 2019 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'ひふみ - hi fu mi' Exhibition Opening Reception

'繍 itonami' Opening Reception Artist Talk

Speaker : Kunihiko YAZAWA 


May 7, 2019 Kunihiko YAZAWA '繍 itonami' Exhibition Opening Reception

'Art - A Gateway: Nurturing children's hearts and minds in the era of AI'

Guest speaker : Yumi IOKA Director, Hanamaru Group / Artist

For our 18th Gallery talk we welcomed director of Hanamaru Group and artist, Yumi Ioka as our guest speaker.
In this talk Yumi Ioka and artist, Kunihiko Yazawa discussed the relationship between art and non-cognitive skills which are in increasing demand in the business world. There was laughter from the audience as their conversation surfaced some surprising similarities between the kids' art classes run by Ioka, and the EGAKU sessions we run for corporate executives. Perhaps precisely because we live in the age of AI, there's a need more than ever for us - adults and children alike - to connect with our inner selves, and work to create the future with a curious mind. The talk also highlighted the important role of art in helping us live more human lives.

A big thank you to Ioka-san for an engaging talk and to everyone who joined us!



January 24, 2019 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'variegations' Exhibition Special Event

'僕のいろいろ Variegations II' Opening Reception Artist Talk

Speaker : Kunihiko YAZAWA 


September 10, 2018 Kunihiko YAZAWA "variegations II" Exhibition Opening Reception

'Scenes of my mind, what I want to see'

Guest speakers / Moderators :
Fumio IWASA Former Editor-in-chief, Harvard Business Review (Japan edition) / Head, Tohoku Expedition Team
Mayuka YAMAZAKI  Ikebana practioner / Visiting editor, Harvard Business Review (Japan edition) / Vice Chief Director, E-Lab


We held the 15th Gallery Talk for the opening of the Kunihiko YAZAWA ‘Scenes of my mind’ Exhibition.
For this talk titled ’Scenes of my mind, what I want to see’ we invited Fumio Iwasa, former editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review (Japan edition) behind the ‘Drawing a Leader’s Vision’ project, and Mayuka Yamazaki, vice chief director of our non-profit and author of the book, ‘Why Harvard Students Come to Tōhoku,’ to share their unique perspectives on the present moment and the future. In this time of great change, these two speakers who continue to push the boundaries of their work, and YAZAWA engaged in a surprising and thought-provoking talk.



September 1, 2017 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'Scenes of my mind' Exhibition, Opening Reception

'On AI, Art and Happiness'

Guest speaker : Kazuo YANO Corporate Chief Scientist, Hitachi, Ltd.
Moderator: Ritsu SAITO    Director, Sigmaxyz Inc. 


Our 14th Gallery talk was on the topic, 'On AI, Art and Happiness.'

For this special talk, Ritsu Saito of Sigmaxyz moderated a conversation between Kazuo Yano leading cutting edge research on the potential uses of AI at Hitachi and artist Kunihiko YAZAWA. The wide ranging discussion of these two explorers - one a researcher seeking answers, and the other an artist who continues to explore questions that lack answers - brought up much food for thought. Many members of the audience mentioned how the talk forced them to reflect on their own lives and experiences. Thank you to those of you who joined and a big thanks to Yano-san for delivering a powerful talk, and the moderator Saito-san for making this happen.


October 28, 2016 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'variations III' Exhibition Special Event

'Authentic Approaches to Life, Work and Creating the Future'

Guest speakers :
Keiko HAMADA    Producer, development and coordination office, The Asahi Shimbun
Sayaka WATANABE     Founder & CEO, re:terra lab 
Moderator: Miwa KOYASU    Founder & Representative, rector, Will Lab 

For the 13th Gallery Talk we invited Miwa Koyasu of Will Lab to moderate a talk between Keiko Hamada, former editor of Japanese magazine, AERA and Sayaka Watanabe, founder of re:terra lab to explore the ideas of authentic approaches to life and work. Listening to the speakers share their inspiring personal stories, one of the messages seemed to be that there's no answer or 'formula' for creating an authentic way of living and working. What matters more is the journey itself - listening to the heart and developing a certain degree of grit.
Our heart-felt thanks to Koyasu-san for creating such a wonderful talk, Hamada-san for sharing her reflections of the challenges of doing what you're passionate about within the constraints of a large organization, Watanabe-san for sharing the things that drive her as an entrepreneur, and to everyone in the audience who joined us.


第13回目の開催となったギャラリートーク。今回はWill Labの小安美和さんを共同企画&モデレーターとしてお招きし、元アエラ編集長の浜田敬子さん、一般社団法人re:terra lab.の渡邉さやかさんをゲストにお迎えし、「オーセンティックな生き方、働き方、未来の描き方」をテーマに開催しました。
素敵な場を創っていただいたWill Labの小安美和さん、組織でやりたいコトをやっていくチャレンジを生々しくオープンに語っていただいた浜田敬子さん、社会起業家としての想いを自然体で語っていただいた渡邉さやかさん、お集まりいただいた方々に心から感謝いたします。

September 26, 2016 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'variations II' Exhibition Special Event

'A Life of Freedom and Independence: An Art Perspective' 

Guest speaker : Eiichi KUMANO President, Childcare&Support Inc.


For this talk session artist Kunihiko YAZAWA was joined by Eiichi Kumano, the author of a recently published book on the topic of parenting and Adlerian psychology (independent psychology) and president of Childcare&Support Inc. in a conversation exploring ideas of ‘freedom’ and ‘independence.’ Kumano shared the basic ideas behind Adlerian psychology, while YAZAWA discussed what ‘freedom’ and ‘independence’ mean to him as an artist, and how this is reflected in his art practice. In the second part of the talk the speakers took questions from the audience further deepening the discussion on the topic.

今回のギャラリートークは株式会社子育て支援の代表であり、アドラー心理学に基づいた著書「育自の教科書 ~父母が学べば、子どもは伸びる~」を最近出版された熊野英一さんをお招きし、「アート的自由と自立のライフスタイルのすすめ」と題して開催しました。

June 24, 2016 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'variations I' Exhibition Special Event

'What is IKASU: Conversations on the art of being'

Guest speakers :
Natsuko SHIRAKI    Founder & CEO, HASUNA
Mayuka YAMAZAKI Assistant Director, Harvard Business School Japan Research Center / Ikebana practitioner


We held vol. 11 of Gallery Talks as part of the Kunihiko YAZAWA, 'itonami' Exhibition.
For this talk we were joined by Mayuka Yamazaki of Harvard Business School Japan Research Center and ikebana practitioner, and entrepreneur and CEO of HASUNA Natsuko Shiraki as special guests.
The session was moderated by director of 9201 Gallery, Kimi Hasebe. The theme of this talk was 'What's IKASU: Conversations on the art of being." Each of the speakers shared their perspectives on what the 'art of being' means in the context of working with and bringing out the best the materials they work with in their professions whether its flowers, stones or art; the art of 'being oneself'; the art of allowing others 'be themselves.' It was 2 hour discussion provoking listeners to reflect on the things that give meaning and purpose in their own lives and work. A big thank you again to Yamazaki-san and Shiraki-san, and everyone who joined us for the talk.

谷澤邦彦「繍 - itonami」展にて11回目のギャラリートークを行いました。
ハーバード・ビジネス・スクールの日本リサーチ・センターに勤務されながら華道家としても活動されている山崎繭加さん、HASUNAの代表であり事業家の白木夏子さんをお招きし、9201 Gallery ディレクターである長谷部がモデレーターを勤めました。

December 3, 2015 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'itonami' Exhibition Special Event

'Art and the heart/mind, body, living'

Guest speakers :
Issho FUJITA    Priest / Second head director, Soto Zen Buddhism International Center 
Yoshiki ISHIKAWA Preventive medicine researcher / Executive vice president, Campus for H Inc. / Innovation director, Cancer Scan Co., Ltd.


A big thank you to everyone who joined us on Friday for making the Gallery Talk on "Art and the heart/mind, body, living" a great success.
The three speakers shared with us their way of living which came across as the embodiment of mindful living itself. One thing all three - the artist, Zen priest and medical researcher - had in common was a voraciously curious mind and strong sense of self and self-knowledge. We are extremely grateful to Issho Fujita and Yoshiki Ishikawa for taking part in this talk.


July 10, 2015 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'Memories of Shapes' Exhibition - Special Event

'Spring Tea Ceremony'

Guest : Machiko HOSHINA Practioner and instructor of Japanese tea ceremony


Last week as part of Kunihiko YAZAWA’s ‘Early Works II’ Exhibition programming, we invited Japanese tea instructor, Machiko Hoshina Furuya to 9201 Gallery to host a Spring Tea Ceremony event. With YAZAWA’s works inspired by nature as the backdrop, Hoshina-sensei elegantly guided guests through the fascinating world of chanoyu (way of tea) - inviting guests to a multi sensory experience of chanoyu through a bowl of tea and Japanese sweets, a carefully curated selection of tea utensils and art. A 'crossing point’ - an experience bringing together the contemporary, through YAZAWA’s art, and the traditional world of chanoyu. A reminder of the importance of 'harmony, respect, purity, tranquility’ (和敬清寂)- creating these precious moments to enjoy a bowl of tea, or contemplate art that so often get lost in the rush of our daily lives.

谷澤邦彦 「Early Works II」展のイベントとして、保科真智子先生をお迎えしてアートと茶の湯を楽しむ会「春のお茶会」を開催しました。

May 23, 2015 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'Early Works II' Exhibition, Special Event

'What We Gain from Engaging with Art - The Artist and Audience Discuss their Experiences'

Guest speaker : Mayuka YAMAZAKI Assistant Director, Harvard Business School Japan Research Center / Ikebana practitioner


For the opening reception of part two of Kunihiko YAZAWA's retrospective, Early Works II, we welcomed many guests including those in town from New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.
It left the impression that art is dynamically connecting the world. For the dialogue session we invited Mayuka Yamazaki of the Harvard Business School Japan Research Center as a special guest speaker. According to Yamazaki since her encounter with Kunihiko YAZAWA six years ago her life has been transformed. We asked Yamazaki and YAZAWA to discuss their ideas on a variety of themes ranging from the lessons that art offers, freedom of the mind and spirit, to understanding of the meaning of beauty. These are all themes that can't be easily summed up in a word, but the lucid and powerful words of the artist and practitioner and the message of someone who has experienced the power of art first hand were inspiring.
谷澤邦彦の初期作品展第二弾である「Early Works Ⅱ」展オープニングレセプション。

April 6, 2015 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'Early Works II' Exhibition, Special Event

'To Move - To Know Yourself'

Guest speaker : Tomoko OKAZAKI BASI Comprehensive Pilates Instructor


To meet, to begin, to laugh, to adore, to dance…
The works rendered in ink in the 'UGOKU/Move' Exhibition each evokes a verb.
Our daily lives are full of movement, something is always moving - our bodies, our feelings, nature... Movement is at once familiar, yet perhaps also something that occurs unconsciously, experienced unconsciously. For this opening reception we invited the pilates instructor, Tomoko Okazaki, for a dialogue session with Kunihiko YAZAWA to explore the parallels between pilates and art as ways to achieve greater self-awareness, deeper self-knowledge.


January 13, 2015 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'UGOKU/Move' Exhibition, Opening reception

'The Joy of Work.  The Joy of Expression.  The Joy of Living.' 

Guest speaker : Takahisa OYAMA President, Nihon Rikagaku Industry Co., Ltd 


For the opening talk event for the 'Early Works I' Exhibition we hosted a session between Takahisa Oyama of Nihon Rikagaku Kogyo Industries - a pioneer in the employment of persons with disabilities and Kunihiko YAZAWA on 'The Joy of Work. The Joy of Expression. The Joy of Living'.

Oyama-san described what led to his company's decision to employ disabled persons, designing a workplace for people with different strengths and skills, and the challenges therein. It was an opportunity to reflect on the importance of appreciating diversity in the workplace amongst those without disabilities, and the joy of work that celebrates each person's unique talents.
YAZAWA himself was strongly influenced by the powerful and authentic expression of persons with disabilities exhibited at Nemunoki Museum in Shizuoka, and the opportunity to hear Oyama's talk against the backdrop of the body of work created in his early years as an artist created a profound connection with exhibition.

Kunihiko YAZAWA - 谷澤邦彦の初期作品を展示した「Early Works I」展。レセプションにもたくさんの方にご来訪頂きました。

November 20, 2014 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'Early Works I' Exhibition, Opening reception

'Astronomy and art'

Guest speaker : Naohiro TAKANASHI Project Associate Professor, Tokyo University / Representative, Tenpla


For the opening reception talk at the 'Lines and Shapes' Exhibition, Takanashi-san, project associate professor at Tokyo University and representative of astronomy project, Tenpla took the audience on a journey to the edge of the universe via the MITAKA - a sort of Google Maps of the universe. The journey revealed some surprising connections between astronomy which "unravels the patterns of the heavens" - and art. The hypnotic lines of the 'Embroidery' pieces uncannily echoed the orbits of the stars.

Kunihiko YAZAWA - 谷澤邦彦によるミシンワークの展覧会「繍 -Lines and Shapes-」展のレセプションを開催。ギャラリートークでは「天文とアート」と題し、冒頭には天文学の高梨先生と一緒に宇宙の果てまで旅をしていただきました。

September 2, 2014 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'Lines and Shapes' Exhibition, Opening reception

'What the EGAKU Program gives'

Guest speakers :
Jun NAKAHARA   Associate Professor for Management Learning, The University of Tokyo
Mitsunobu KOSHIBA    President & Representative Director, JSR Corporation
Akio YAJIMA    Senior Fellow, The Japan Science and Technology Agency
Miho KAWASAKI    Organizational Learning Consultant, Globis Corporation


We held a special talk event for the opening of the EGAKU Exhibition – an exhibition of works by participants of the EGAKU Program, Kunihiko YAZAWA's.
'Why are business people today taking up painting?' 'What’s the relationship between business and art?' Jun Nakahara – a researcher in the field of adult learning, and organizational development - opened up the discussion, followed by three guest speakers who each shared their experiences, and unique perspectives on what the experience meant to them.
'The unlikely relationship between innovation and art' 'The possibilities within art to create learning experiences which dynamically nurture the creativity of individuals and organizations,' these were some of the issues explored in this thought provoking talk session.
Read more >>  
「なぜ今、ビジネスパーソンが絵を描き続けているのか?」「ビジネスとアートとの関係はどこにあるのか?」大人の学び・組織開発の研究者である中原淳氏のイントロダクションからはじまり、3名のスピーカーの体験とその視点から「EGAKUプログラムが与えるもの」 が明らかにされていきました。「イノベーションとアートの意外な関係性」や、「人と組織の創造性をダイナミックに開発するためのアートによる学びの場の可能性」について考えさせられる、示唆に富んだトークセッションとなりました。
詳細はこちら >>

July 1, 2014  Opening reception for 'EGAKU' Exhibition, Group exhibition produced by Kunihiko YAZAWA

'Astronomy and art'

Guest speaker : Naohiro TAKAHASHI Project Associate Professor, Tokyo University / Representative, Tenpla


In this 3rd session of Gallery Talk, Kunihiko YAZAWA explored how astronomy and art connects with the everyday, in conversation with Naohiro Takanashi and Kaoru Nakagawa of Recruit Career. Takanashi took audiences on an exhilarating journey to the end of the universe using the MITAKA software, bringing home the mysteries of space and time.
谷澤邦彦「素- Elements」展の会場に、東京大学エグゼクティブ・マネジメント・プログラム室特任准教授&天文学普及プロジェクト「天プラ」代表の高梨直紘さんをお迎えしました。

May 25, 2014 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'Elements' Exhibition, Opening reception


Guest speaker : Isao NASU Tea Master


The second Gallery Talk was a collaboration with the tea master and jewelry artist, Isao Nasu.
The essence of the sencha tea ceremony is more about the freedom of the mind, rather than the form and matter: savouring a cup of tea whilst enjoying the company of others, and perhaps even contemplating a painting. It has been a tradition cherished by many artists and literary figures through the ages including Ikeda Taiga, Ueda Akinari, Yosa Buson, Rai Sanyou, Tomioka Tessai, Hashimoto Kansetsu.


November 30, 2013 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'Arch' Exhibition, Opening reception


Guest speaker : Itchu MIYAKO 12th Generation Shamisen Master


We launched the 9201 Gallery Talks with a collaboration with Miyako Itchu, a 12th generation shamisen (traditional Japanese stringed instrument) master and head of the Itchu-Bushi School is descended from a 300 year-old family of shamisen players. Whilst remaining a faithful custodian to the Itchu-Bushi tradition - designated an important intangible cultural asset - Itchu has sought to create music for the present, continually exploring fresh approaches to his art both in Japan and abroad.
Despite the difference in modes of expression and disciplines - music vs. painting, classic vs. contemporary - the two seemed to share the same underlying strength of their convictions and an unequivocal sense of beauty. It was an inspiring and lively session with the conversation interspersed with the occasional sound of the shamisen, and even some instances of the audience flexing their vocal chords.
ギャラリートーク 記念すべき第1回目は、300年以上の間受け継がれてきた⼀中節の宗家⼗二世、都一中氏と谷澤邦彦とのコラボレーションでした。
一中さんは重要無形文化財 一中節の保持者でありながら、今を生きている音楽として国内外で最先端の感性の要求に応える演奏活動を続けていらっしゃいます。

September 28, 2013 Kunihiko YAZAWA 'Dots in the Sky' Exhibition, Opening reception